Factor 1: Extraversion

The score on this factor was which is considered being about average. This score is a vivid indication of my personal trait from these factors perspectives. I really revel in celebrating and partying. Additionally, I also feel at ease and relaxed around strangers and people. On the contrary to extraverts, I rarely start conversations. I also take time to think about whatever I ought to say. Therefore, the test of this factor is correct and of significance since it’s a reflection of my expectation.

Factor 11: Agreeableness

The score on this factor was which is about average as my expectations were. This is correct due to the factor that I am often interested in how people are faring. This enhances creating time for other people in my life despite of my own life and needs. Apart from that, I do all I can to make people feel relaxed and at ease. On the contrary, I am not easily moved nor do I easily sympathize with everyone. I also do not feel any concern for individuals I do not know nor relate with.

Factor 111: Conscientiousness

The score on this factor was 34 which is also considered as average. I agree to this score since I am a young adult doing more of study than life responsibilities.  However, I always prepare thoroughly before executing my objectives and goals. I also have my duties and assignments done correctly and in a systematic way. However, I often also play possum on details I am not interested in. I also do not follow a particular schedule.

Factor 4: Neuroticism

 The score on this factor was 25 which considered averaged. I find this result contradicting to what I comprehend about my personality. In spite the factor that I easily get upset, I do have often mood swings. I am also rarely disturbed by events and experiences out of control.  I often feel relaxed and contented by the way of life. Furthermore I am very hopeful and positive and rarely feel negative about things or myself. Therefore, I would agree to a result that showed a low level of neuroticism.

Factor V: Openness

The score on this factor test was 19 which considered relatively low. I second the results since I am an individual with more traditional and conventional interests. I do not prefer using neither difficult new words nor great vocabularies. Instead, I do not stress out figuring out ideas that are abstract. However, I got a great imagination and once in a while spend time listen and acknowledged art. 

 From a personal perspective, the face test could be of great significance in understanding and defining an individual’s character trait. Through the test, employees would also manage evaluating the abilities and personalities of employees required in various fields.  Employers would understand individuals who fit as marketers, managers and individuals who would mobilize other employees. This would enhance increased productivity and high performances since task s will be assigned with respect to individual capability and trait.

Clinical Use of Big Five Personality test

This model has got various personality constructs. As a result, it facilitates communication among researchers from different fields. The model can be profitably used in various applied settings. It could be used in organizational and industrial psychology. In addition, this model of great significance in clinical psychology and is also applicable in counseling. In clinical psychology, these model enables the psychologists understand the emotional state of their patient. This would mostly apply to depression and drug abuse patients. Through this model, the psychologists are able to differentiate from a depressed patient to a patient confident about himself. The program also enables determining the patients stress levels. The model is also applicable in the counseling department in determining individuals who have negative thoughts about themselves. This enhances distinguishing individuals that are more likely to commit suicide or give up easily. Through such a model, psychologists manage to develop various approaches that fit their respective patient with respect to the score from the test.

The advantage of this model in clinics is that it is an easy method to apply since it only involves answering simple questions. This makes it easy and comfortable for the patient to answer and to participate. The model is also cheap and available. The program only involves questions which could be adopted by psychologist at no cost. The program does not require a much skills. As a result, it could be trained to medical staff and nurses who could improve how they handle patients in medical institutions. The model is also of great importance to treatment of psychological diseases that would require great attention on the patient’s personalities. Basically, the Big five Personality test is of great importance if adopted in medical institutions. Therefore, governments and medical centers should ensure that this program is implemented and adopted in medical institutions to improve on the treatment quality offered.