The Goods and the Bads of Certain Essay Writing Services

When you choose an essay writing service to trust your paper with, what do you have in mind? You’ll want something that can offer you a low price versus good quality, right? So many stories are floating around regarding these types of services – you are scared even to consider this option. You probably also remembered that time when a friend of yours ordered the paper online and received half of it plagiarized. What if that happens to you? You want an A+, so how do you know which website to choose? Well, here are a few hints for you.

1. Essay Thinker

“Thinking before writing” is what the name of this service suggests to us. Many of the customer reviews we found online place EssayThinker near the top of the food chain, so this means that those who ordered were happy with their product. The prices are average, but when you compare them to the quality of the paper received, you’ll probably reach the conclusion that it was worth it. The writing style and level are appropriate to your instructions, so you’ll probably gain a lot by choosing this company as an essay provider. Plus, it seems they are always on time (and even early) with their services.

2. Paper Help

PaperHelp offers the standard package when it comes to essay writing services. From high school work to dissertation work, they can provide you with all types of products, with the prices mirroring the level that you are asking for. Prices are also average for this website, but while testimonials say that they only offer high-quality papers, the result is something simplistic and rather elementary. Indeed, it should get you an average grade, but if you want a top grade (for a scholarship or something), you may want to rethink this.

3. Essay Have

From what we gathered, EssayHave has been writing papers for about a decade now. They seem to have a screening process where they test for newly hired writers, and they appear to have job opportunities for everyone who wishes to apply. This is good… for the writers. However, if you’re a customer, it might be worrying to know that every Joe on the Internet might have the opportunity to write your essay. You might have Einstein’s spawn writing it… or you may have it written by Patrick Star. Some people like the excitement, though, but our rating is uncertain.

4. Evolution Writers

EvolutionWriters seems to tackle everything from student papers to business ghost writing and job-seeker documents. When it comes to trustworthiness, it is not fraud or scam. Nothing unethical seems to be happening with this website, and every review we read tells us that the customers got their papers on time. However, while the writers do seem to have some level of expertise, the quality would still need improvement. Customers complained of grammar and punctuation mistakes, which raised our concern.

5. Best Term Paper

Being in the service for as long as 19 years, BestTermPaper has enough time to make themselves known on the market. Customers say that their prices and quality are average; however, the delivery and support seems to be lacking. They do offer a range of discounts in the form of coupon codes or a promo code for new customers, but regarding the writing quality, it still falls into a “fair” category.

Be careful when you choose the service responsible for your essay. If you want your paper to be at the top of your class, you will want the grammar to be perfect. At the same time, be careful not to overpay for what you’re ordering.